Editorial: Going rogue

Records show the bureau has collected data from more than 85 percent of U.S.-issued credit cards without consumer consent.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Column: Interest is being rekindled in pioneer work of Augusta psychiatrist

Augusta psychiatrist and author Hervey Cleckley (1903-1984) made many contributions to his profession commencing in 1941 when he published his first book, The Mask of Sanity.
By Perry Smith

Guest Column: Important steps at SRS make the world safer

We learn that taking one step after another is the building block that leads to finishing a job.
By C.L. Munns

Letter: Symposium successful

Thank you for making dementia a priority at GRHealth. We need you!
By Kathy Tuckey

Guest Column: Doubling the minimum wage is fraught with employment dangers

There are unobservable, unintended consequences of a wage boost.
By William Beranek, Ph.D.

Letter: Court contradicts itself

In one week the Supreme Court held three completely different views of the Constitution.
By David E.L. Smith

Going rogue

It appears the CFPB will creep along like Georgia kudzu until lawmakers chop it back and pull it out by the roots.
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Georgia state workers, teachers pay more for health care

ATLANTA - Teachers and state employees in Georgia are paying more for their health care than other public sector employees, according to a new study by the state Depart­ment of Community Health.
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