Editorial: A heated debate on climate

The United States should not commit to any climate plan in which the major industrial head that rolls is its own.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Guest Column: We are focused on the wrong question about domestic violence

Visit SafeHomesDV.org for more information on this issue in the CSRA, and to find out how you can help.
By Daniel Eubanks

Guest Column: Is terrorism just the old communism?

Similar to the Cold War, our fears today are that terrorists only wish to invade our borders, overthrow our allies and destroy our freedoms.
By Matthew Hutcherson, Ph.D.

Guest Column: 'Why is child sexual abuse awareness stuck in the 1950s?'

You can help bring awareness to child sexual abuse and help to prevent it - and we all can help to protect children from it.
By Dan Hillman

Guest Column: Truett Cathy's impact reached beyond his business and touched people

We'll miss Truett, but his legacy will live on through the many people he has touched.
By Tim Echols

Letter: Face our priorities

Our nation desperately needs and deserves the very best efforts of all three branches of our government!
By G. Daniel McCall

A heated debate on climate

Leaders from nations big and small, rich and poor, will be at the United Nations Climate Summit to discuss climate-change policy Tuesday.

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