Editorial: Taxing the Internet

Those who believe federal regulators can make the Internet more "free" could end up seeing a government fee tacked on their broadband bills.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Join in supporting Paine

It behooves all of us who believe in Paine College and its special mission to do everything we can to ensure its future.
By Paulwyn Boliek

Letter: Satan is alive and well

In our sophisticated intellectual society, it seems unreasonable that there are people who still doubt the existence of God.
By Gil Ward

Letter: Oversight group needs it

The Aiken County Board of Education's promised Oversight Committee must be drawn broadly from the community at large.
By Thomas N. Dean

A matter of record

Dr. Azziz’s handling of his job, and mishandling of the community, is a matter of record – a record that will follow him to any job interview. The black cloud is of his own making.

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