Editorial: Too much information

Sanford isn't doing a great job of keeping private matters private. He should try harder.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Pass regs to protect water

Despite its importance to our community, right now the Savannah River is far too polluted.
By Brianna Merritt

Letter: Right's skepticism is valid

I feel like the little McCormick lioness at the gate who has to guard against the implausible statements made by left-wingers.
By Pam Shumway

Letter: Perhaps it's too late for us

If Obama continues to have his agenda of "hope and change," we may find that his words will prove true for this once-great nation.
By William Zimmerman

State commission in crisis

Most ethics reforms come as a political response to scandal. By that measure, there may have been ample scandal to bring significant reforms.

Contact your Georgia lawmaker

ATLANTA -- Here is contact information for Augusta region state lawmakers
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Clemson halts mandatory student sex survey

CLEMSON, S.C. - Clemson says it has suspended a mandatory survey of students the school says was part of a review to prevent sexual discrimination, harassment and assault.
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