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Property Transfers

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Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Jan. 3-10. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.

JAN. 3

Ron Meardy to David F. Turner, 1.3 acres, Lot 20, Deed Book R204 Page 2693, Easement, $4,200

Araceli C. Crandall and Mark Ross Crandall to Beverly Downs, Lot 27, Block F Walton Meadows III, Deed Book B545 Page 1260, $100,000

James D. Partridge and Jennifer C. Partridge to Virginia S. McKnight and Matthew M. McKnight, Lot, on the north side of Katherine Street, 1048 Katherine St., Easement, $450,000

Naomi J. Sapp to Charlie Bruce Sapp, Section 4, Tract 4, Ranch Estates, $97,000

John Ayoub and Parallax Holdings LLC to Robert C. Williams and Nicholas C. Mantooth, 1940 Dunham Court, Lot 2, Block D, Fernwood, $19,500

James A. Anderegg Jr. and Patricia B. Anderegg to James A. Anderegg Jr., Executor’s Deed, 3056 Westwood Court, Lot 7, Block D, Dorchester

Barbara L. Green, Hennis Z. Green and Hennis Zelton Green to Reginald D. Greene, Section IV, Lot 21, Block E, Mount Vernon, $97,500

Annette T. Hendrix and Charles L. Hendrix to James Nicholson and Sara Elizabeth Nicholson, Lot 98, Hudson Trace Additions

Yvette Foster to Dedra Lajean Simmons, Section 2A, Lot 2, Block V, Woodlake, $47,800

Pillon Communities Inc. to Johnny Dennard Cobb, Section Nine, Lot 15, Block Q, Walton Hills, $177,000

Pillon Communities Inc. to Cleo A. Lamkin, Section 3C, Lot 33, Block D, Granite Hill, $196,500

Pillon Communities Inc. to Calvin Pernell Malone Jr., Section 4, Lot 214, Phase III, Willhaven, $206,100

Jeremy M. Mosley to Jeremy M. Mosley and Evelyn P. Mosley, Section 4, Lot 346, Phase III, Willhaven

Tina Hampton to Morgan Grace Jr. LLC, Unit E, Building 7, 209 Brandywine Place, Phase II, Brandywine and Brandywine Condo

Coel Development Co. Inc., Regis Development Co. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., Warranty Deed recorded at Deed Book B1412 Page 1715, Corrective Warranty Deed, 1003 Rosland Circle, Lot 10, Block B, Phase 2A, Haynes Station

Jerry A. Booker and Jerry A. Booker Brown III to Morgan Grace Jr. LLC, Building 12, Unit C, 228 Brandywine Place, Phase II, Brandywine Condo

Matthew B. Childers to Morgan Grace Jr. LLC, Unit E, Building 10, 208 Brandywine Place, Phase II, Brandywine Condo

JAN. 6

Bonnie U. Chang and David W. Chang to Andrew M. Reynolds and Alexandra W. Reynolds, Section I, 2511 Springwood Drive, Lot 26, Block A, Forest Park North, $100,000

Matthew S. Farmer and Stephen D. Farmer to Lisa Marie Frost, 1751 Wycliffe St., Part of Lot 15, Redd Heights, $103,900

Bennett Jones and Diane Jones to Morgan Grace Jr. Inc., Unit C, Building 9, 229 Brandywine Place, Phase II, Brandywine Condo, $40,000

Blythe Victoria Newman, Carolyn Marie Newman Trustee and Ralph S. Newman to Augusta Rental Properties LLC, 0.43 of an acre, Tract, on the west side of Old McDuffie Road, Plat Book 14M Page 45, 2311 Old McDuffie R…, $25,000

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jeneen F. Loren, 1928 Gay Drive, Lot 12, Block H, Sherwood

David W. Griffin and Jamie M. Griffin to Thaddius R. Scott, 3027 Old Lodge Road, Lot 14, Block A, Phase I, Spread Oak Plantation, $175,900

Kroeg Mixson Investments LLC, Robert A. Lacher and Gerald D. Reynolds to Benjamin J. McCollum, 0.11 of an acre, Deed Book B764 Page 2047, 1509 Heath St., $170,000

Mohammed Slassi to Stephen M. Davis, Unit 2, 4408 Seago Road, Lot 17, Block A, Alexandria Estates, $172,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Christopher Paul and Hayley Paul, 1156 Rosland Circle, Lot 23, Block C, Phase 2A, Haynes Station, $175,400

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Gregory Lemons Sr., Section Six, 4415 T.J. Kelly Drive, Lot 39, Block A, Manchester, $235,900

Roberta Lindsey to Maria E. Fuentes, Section IV-C, Lot 37, Block H, Spanish Trace, $55,000

HSBC Mortgage Service Inc. to George Butler, Section II-B, Lot 31, Block R, Phase Two, Woodlake, $36,000

Bank of America National Association Tru…, LaSalle Bank National Association Truste…, Morgan Stanley Loan Trust 2006 12XS and US Bank National Association Trustee to Janet Shaffer, Section Two, 3046 Hawthorne Drive, Lot 10, Block B, Thomas Woods, $35,500

Jimbo S. Varnum to Jonathan K. Meeks, Easement, 5115 Wheeler Lake Road, Lot 3, Block P, Phase Four, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $82,000

Augusta Georgia Land Bank Authority to Augusta City Housing Authority and Augusta Housing Authority, Lot 27, Block 85, 909 Boyd Lane/909-915 Boyds Lane and Part of Lot 2, on the north side of Boyds Alley, 949 Wrightsboro Road, Part of Lot 35, Block 24, Standard Place; Lots 20, 21 and 22, Block 25, Standard Place; 1353 James Brown Blvd., Lot 18, Block 24, Standard Place; 1355 James Brown Blvd., Lot 19, Block 24, Standard Place; 911 Wrightsboro Road, Lot 23, Block 24, Standard Place; Parts of Lots 20, 21 and 22, Block 24, Standard Place; Lots 27 and 28, Block 24, Standard Place; 945 Wrightsboro Road, Parts of Lots 32 and 33, Block 24, Standard Place; and 949 Wrightsboro Road, Part of Lot 35, Block 24, Standard Place

Charles A. Cadle to Darlynn G. Faircloth and G. Eddie Faircloth, Original Security Deed recorded at Deed Book B1158 Page 366, 1.12 acres, Tract 3, Deed Book R487 Page 862, 4986 Old Waynesboro…

VistaBank to BHamara LLC, 1.17 acres, on the south side of Gordon Highway, Deed Book R547 Page 432; and 3.86 acres, on the south side of Gordon Highwa…, $1,480,000

JAN. 7

Rebecca Elizabeth Rainwater to Carol Anne Gay, Unit 3, Building F, Sunnyvale

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section 1, Lot 2, Block A, Sterling Heights

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Lot, on the south side of Storey Drive, 3016 Storey Drive

Julius L. Foreman to Good Faith Management LLC, Section I, Lot 8, Block B, Barton Village, $13,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Deed Under Power recorded at Deed Book B1425 Page 1633, Lot 37, Block D, Bellemeade Forest

David A. Small to Brairwood Group Properties LLC, Lot 7, Phase II-B, Bobby Jones Business Park, $48,000

Mary E. Johnson to Maxwell N. Baker, Unit C, Block XXXI R-102 589 655 Center Court Drive, $96,500

Abdou Gueye to Sharon Tate, Section One, Lot 1, Block D, Southwick, $50,000

JHBC Inc. to John H. Hebbard Jr., 2.14 acres, Deed Book R426 Page 1638, $400,000

Keelin Irby to Annette Elizabeth Irby, Executrix’s Deed of Assent, Lot 11, Block B, Windsor Heights

C. Griggs Wheeler and Jane O.C. Wheeler to William R. Snellings, Lot 8, Phase Two, Ansley Place West, $235,000

Rhetta S. Cadle and William R. Snellings to Kevin S. Gillenwater and Megan Gillenwater, 0.25 of an acre, Lot C, Deed Book B763 Page 542, 2501 Bellevue Ave., $310,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Eleanor L. Glenn, Section IV, 1475 Brookstone Road, Lot 5, Block K, Walton Hills, $108,000

Dana Cocchi and Dana A. Cocchi to Stacey L. Bruner and Dana A. Cocchi, Easement, Lots 1 and 2, Cushendal

Pillon Communities Inc. to Mark A. Mitchell, Section 4, Lot 215, Phase III, Willhaven, $205,700

Johnny Dennard Cobb to Tangerine Rebecca Cobb and Johnny Dennard Cobb, Section Nine, Lot 15, Block Q, Walton Hills

Marvin Carl Overman to Jacqueline Shurling Overman and Jacqueline S. Overman, Section V, Lot 37, Block P, Montclair

Soon Ae Kim, Soon Ae Kim Nichols and Soon Ae Kim Wong to Devi M. Hill, Section 1, Lot 13, Block E, Rolling Meadows, $74,500

JAN. 8

Ebron Frails LLC and Randolph Frails to Minh Hua, 816 Eve St., Parts of Lots 4 and 5, Village of Summerville, $130,000

Myong Chu and Yong C. Chu to Jonathan B. Lundy, Lot 18, Block A, Ridgeland Acres, $112,900

Ann S. Dasher to John H. Bartley and Ashley Bartley, Lot, on the west side of Meigs Street, Deed Book R206 Page 1426, and Deed Book R262 Page 1054, $479,900

Carolyn Farmer and Carolyn Hadden to Stephanie S. Tyrpin, Lot 9, Block C, Phase I, Southlake Estates, $104,900

David M. Ball and Susan L. Ball to Nathaniel D. Evans, Lot 9, Block C, Goshen Manor, $126,800

Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. to Willie L. White, Lot 24, Block E, Deed Book B10 Page 2, $139,900

Paul D. Walker and Paul David Walker to Tina Hampton, Section 1A, 3634 Madrid Drive N., Lot 18, Block Y, Gordon Woods, $14,000

Meredith Homes Inc. to Bradley W. Parrent, Lot 99, Block E, Phase III, Aylesbury Commons, $134,900

Veronica R. Corradino to Charles Crocker, Section I, 3704 Raintree Drive, Lot 6, Block B, Raintree, $51,800

Lynn Chau, Lynn Ngoc Chau and Wasahi Xpress Restaurant LLC to Wasabi Xpress By Far Inc., 1.15 acres, on the south side of Washington Road, 2838-2846 Washington Road, Exception, Easement, $680,000

Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Associati…, Lot 16, Block L, Fleming Heights

One West Bank FSB to Federal National Mortgage Associati…, Section II, 1417 Wedgewood Drive, Lot 2, Block B, Tanglewood

Joseph R. Parenteau to Mildred G. Dukes, 1.606 acres, Tract C, Deed Book B800 Page 2389, Executor’s Deed, $12,000

Lenson Green Neal and Susan Neal to Susan O. Neal and Lenson Green Neal, Lot, on the west side of Gary Street, Deed Book R166 Page 1032, 603 Gary St.

James Gardner to Kroeg Mixson Investments LLC, Easement, Lots 19, 20 and 21 and Part of Lot 18, Redwood, $130,000

Martha A. Williams and Willie G. Williams to Pyllis Brown and Calvin E. Brown, 2372 Travis Pines Drive, Lot 24, Block B, Harolton, $56,400

Barbara Sanders to Emory F. Sanders, Section III, 3210 Mesena Lane, Lot 28, Block C, Buckhead, $125,000

Nathan K. Lever to Robert W. Jackson and Angela M. Jackson, 28 Macaulay Place, Lot 95, Hudson Trace Additions, $103,800

JAN. 9

Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jeffrrey Bernard Norris, Exception, Lot 4, Block B, Raintree

Lillian R. Carson to Jack Lee Eyton and Marsha Ann Eyton, Section C, Lot 42, Bedford Heights

Jack Lee Eyton, Marsha Ann Eyton and Marsha Ann Morgan to Daniel Miles Dunstan and John Barksdale, Section C, Lot 42, Bedford Heights, $12,800

Valerie Scott to Paul Thelmas and Margaret M. Ferguson, Section 5, 3274 Lexington Way, Lot 33, Block E, Granite Hill, $194,900

Barbara H. Rollins and Robert R. Rollins to Guyton Hampton Watkins Jr. and Ellen Catlin Donnelly, Section III, 2710 Springwood Drive, Lot 5, Block 19, National Hills, $72,000

Robert N. Kuhns to Asna A. Amin, 4.34 acres, Lot C, on the south side of Farmers Bridge Road, Deed Book R191 Page 173, 5090 Farmers Bridge Roa..., $138,000

Susan Simowitz and Stephen H. Steinberg to Brandon J. Dunning, Section IV, 2034 Country Place Drive, Lot 14, Block E, Country Place, $127,000

Rush Enterprise LLC and Paul Rush to Richard W. Iannacone Jr. and William R. Thompson, Section IV, 2725 Springwood Drive, Lot 4, Block 25, National Hills, $129,900

Coel Development Co. Inc. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., 40 Rosland Court, Lot 40, Block B, Phase 2A, Haynes Station, $34,500

Lillie Mae Etheridge to Walter E. Etheridge, 223 Memory Drive, Lot 8, Block H, Wilkinson Gardens

Homesource of Burke County Inc. to Shriley Neal and Daniel Neal, Warranty Deed recorded at Deed Book B1201 Page 1192, 0.8 of an acre, Tract B, Deed Book B1201 Page 1194, 1001 Alden Drive, Corre…

Jamie Deyoe and Jamie L. Deyoe to Nicholas John Deyoe, 3389 Tanglewood Drive, Lot 1, Block A, Springfield

William L. Murrell to HFC Enterprises LLC, Lot, on the south side of Broad Street, Plat Book 26K Page 312, 520 Broad St., $40,000

Alonzo K. Harrison Jr. to John Edward Ashton, Deed recorded at Deed Book B1013 Page 979, Lot 3, on the north side of Tobacco Road, Plat Book 26R Page 478

Beverly O. Vineyard and David Richard Vineyard to Alfonzo L. Harris, Lots 6 and 7, Block B, Phase II, Storey Mill Plantation, $161,000

Stephen H. Steinberg and William E. Walker III to Veronica S. Harris, 4004 Ramswood Drive, Lot 2, Ramswood, $70,000

Floyd Groves Pentecostal Church to Forever Changed Church Corp., North side of Rosier Road, Plat Book 28T Page 626, 2019 Rosier Road

Joshua A. Dukes, Tamara S. Dukes and Tamara S. Harris to Joshua A. Dukes and Tamara S. Dukes, 1807 Sheffield Court, Lot 16, Kenmare

J. Carlisle Overstreet to Kimberly W. Overstreet and James C. Overstreet Jr., Lot, on the north side of Cumming Road, Deed Book R352 Page 2251, 2237 Cumming Road, $611,000

CML GA WB LLC, MultiBank 2009 1 CML ADC Venture LLC and RL CML 2009 1 Investments LLC to Jacob Franklin Rabon, Unit 314, Building A, Whites Building Condo, $130,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Department of Veterans Affairs, Lot 22, Block C, Spring Glen

Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Associati..., Section II, 1429 Commonwealth Way, Lots 1 and 2, Block E, Spirit Pointe

Everbank to Department of Veterans Affairs, Section IV, 4371 Creekview Drive, Lot 25, Block G, Phase III, Pinnacle Place

Loree Toole Prescott to Virgil E. Prescott and Connie P. West, Section 2, Lot 44, Block F, Greenbrier

William G. Hatcher Sr. to William G. Hatcher Jr., Section III, Lot 5, Block F, Westwick

Sara Ann Martin to Patrick J. Douglas, Lot 27, Plat Book 10O Page 131; Lot, on the east side of Peachtree Road, Plat Book 22D Page 290; and Lot, Plat Book…, $155,000

JAN. 10

Sara Ann Martin to Dennis Edward Martin and Ashley Martin Harper, ¼ interest in 2843 Helen St., Lot 19, Timberlake

Sara Ann Martin to Ashley Martin Harper and Dennis Edward Martin, ¼ interest in Lot 13, Block 11, Plat Book 15Q Page 594, 3009 Fox Spring Road, Assent to Devis...

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